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File:MontgomeryHall.jpg|right|thumb|Montgomery Hall, Muskingum's main administrative buildingFile:MuskingumLake1.jpg|right|thumb|Muskingum's campus lake and surrounding hills '''Muskingum University''' is a private university located in New Concord, Ohio|New Concord, Ohio, United States. It is located approximately sixty miles east of the state capital of Columbus, Ohio|Columbus. Founded in 1837, Muskingum University is affiliated with the Presbyterian Church (USA). Collectively, the university's alumni are referred to as the ''"Long Magenta Line"'' and students (both past and present) are known simply as ''"Muskies"'' while its athletic teams are called the "Fighting Muskies". New Concord, Ohio is located in far eastern Muskingum County, Ohio|Muskingum County, which derives its name from the Muskingum River. Muskingum offers more than 40 academic majors. Graduate programs are offered in education and management...
Latin nameCollegii Muskingumensis
MottoOmne trium perfectum (Latin)
MottoengEverything which comes in threes is perfect
TypePrivate school|Private Liberal arts colleges in the United States|liberal arts college
AffiliationPresbyterian Church (U.S.A.)|Presbyterian
Endowment$74 million
PresidentDr. Anne C. Steele
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